Underbelly produces events all over the UK.

We offer a fully integrated event production service for major public events. Because our background is in creating, delivering and selling our own content driven festivals, we reckon that we’ve got something just a little bit different from the rest…

  • We know how to conceive of new ideas that help to develop and grow an event.
  • We think creatively and we love detail in design and execution.
  • We know what people want to see on a stage and how they want to see it… we programme over 500 shows at our own festivals every year.
  • We’ve got great links into the UK theatre, comedy and cabaret scene.. it’s what we programme all year.
  • We understand the need for superb customer experience and great staff…. we employ over 600 festival staff every year.
  • We’re very experienced in technical event production, from big outdoor stages to small tents.
  • We’ve got great supplier and contractor relationships.
  • We understand the importance of managing and working to a budget… we do it on our own festivals, at our own risk, the whole time.
  • We understand big crowd numbers and people management… over 1.7 million people bought tickets to our events last year and 5 million people came through sites that we managed.

And most importantly, we’ve got an amazing full time team with permanent departments in production, marketing, ticketing, press, operations and programming that allows us to offer a really bespoke and all encompassing service.

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