Food Services

We provide pitches or units to local food traders to ensure our food offering is exciting, current and delicious.

  • We can provide units suitable for a variety of Food Concessions.
  • We have a large amount of contacts within Edinburgh & London of local, popular, diverse stall operators.
  • We design our venues to ensure that the food operators can be as efficient as possible. This can vary from creating a food hub as a focus or a more spread out market so that there are food options throughout the whole venue.
  • We always ensure all H&S and EHO regulations are satisfied and ensure there are regular check throughout each event.
  • Our aim with each food offering is to provide a variety of choices including multiple non-meat options.


If you are interested in Underbelly providing a food market or are interested is discussing some market ideas then please contact our Head of Bars and Catering

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